About Us


We are a personal, convenient, affordable hospital alternative.  It is the mission of NEMO ASC to deliver quality, individualized patient care while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction through a competent, compassionate and friendly staff.

Northeast Missouri Ambulatory Surgery Center is a free standing multi-specialty ambulatory surgical facility established in 2000 which is a joint venture between Hannibal Clinic and B & B Enterprises, LLC.  In coordination with your surgeon, we offer a personal, convenient, cost effective, non-hospital setting for outpatient surgical services in coordination with your surgeon.

Our highly skilled team includes your doctor, anesthesiologists and specially trained nurses and operating room technicians who create a comfortable, warm and personal environment.  Unlike larger healthcare institutions, our complete focus and resources are on providing exceptional surgical care.  Our smaller size creates close working relationships with our physicians and our staff.  This improves our ability to communicate and coordinate with each other which helps to create an exceptional surgical environment.

Because our focus is on the needs of a smaller group of patients, this allows us to remain efficient by keeping our overhead costs lower which usually equates to your bill being a fraction of the cost elsewhere in this area.  This frequently amounts to thousands of dollars in savings for our patients.

You will also find that wait times are minimal compared to larger institutions due to efficient coordination of our staff. Our pleasant atmosphere and special attention are particularly helpful in easing the fears of children who are scheduled for surgery.  We understand surgery can be a frightening experience.  To assure you of the quality of our service, we strictly adhere to the highest standard of safety, cleanliness and professionalism.  Our facility is warm and accommodating, with a helpful staff that is responsive to your individual needs and concerns.  NEMO ASC adheres to and is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).