Anesthesia Services


Northeast Missouri Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC partners with Hannibal Anesthesia Associates, LLC to provide comprehensive anesthesia care and pain management services.

After registering with the front desk, a nurse will escort you to the Pre-operative area. After changing clothes into a patient gown, a short medical history will be taken and reviewed by a member of the anesthesia team. During that time, the anesthesia associate will discuss with you the alternative anesthesia methods appropriate to your surgery or procedure. Once a course of action has been agreed upon by you and the anesthesia associate, you will be asked to sign an operative and anesthesia consent. You are encouraged to read the consent carefully as it confirms your understanding of the procedure and possible risks/complications.

You are highly encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with your physician or anesthesia provider the day of the procedure.

Since Hannibal Anesthesia Associates is a separate company, you can expect to receive a separate bill for any charges or balance not paid by insurance. Please see “About Your Bill” for additional details.

We hope you find your experience to be pleasant. Please feel free to “Contact Us” with any questions.