Before Surgery


Your physician will discuss your surgery with you during your office visit and your surgical appointment will be scheduled at that time. Be sure to tell your doctor about any existing medical conditions and any medications that you are currently taking.

Pre-Operative Telephone Call:  Whenever possible, patients will be contacted by a nurse approximately 3 days prior to surgery to clarify instructions and answer questions.  Our nurse will obtain a basic health history and review your pre-operative instructions. You will be informed of the time you are to arrive at the Center for your procedure. Or, you may call us at (573) 406-1301, during the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to receive your instructions. It is very important that you speak with someone from the Center prior to the date of your surgery.

Eating and Drinking Instructions Before Surgery

It is important that patients follow these important safety rules. If you do not follow these guidelines, your surgery may have to be delayed or canceled.

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night prior to your surgery unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. This includes foods, liquids, water, candy, gum, and breath mints.
  • Do not smoke or use any tobacco products after midnight the night before your surgery.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before and after your surgery.
  • You may brush your teeth or rinse your mouth the day of surgery, provided nothing is swallowed.

Medication Instructions

  • Bring a list with dosages and names of medication with you to your procedure.
  • If you take insulin or any other routine medication, your doctor or anesthesiologist will tell you how to take your medication the day of the surgery. Please bring your insulin with you to the Surgery Center.
  • If you take blood thinner (such as Coumadin, aspirin, etc.) please tell the surgeon.
  • You may take your normal heart, blood pressure, breathing or seizure medication the morning of surgery with a small sip of water.


Preoperative Lab Work

Patients with certain medical conditions may be asked by their surgeon or the anesthesiologist to go to the lab for testing.  It is important that patients follow this instruction and have blood tests done in a timely manner.

Transportations and Aftercare:  You are required to have a responsible adult drive and escort you home.  This must be prearranged by the patient.  Those who plan to take a cab must have their own trusted escort ride with them.  The cab driver cannot be the patient escort.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your care, please discuss them with the nurse who calls for your pre-operative interview. Otherwise, feel free to call the Surgery Center at (573) 406-1301.